Sunny Easter Monday

Today is Easter Monday! Hope you had a lovely long weekend. Where I live, it’s a very beautiful day today which is perfect because a some days ago, a cute digital painting was prepared about Easter bunnies. Wanting to experiment with some brushes I had bought earlier, I painted it a warm day with the sun shining. And what a wonderful omen that was!

Pencil Sketch

The painting of course began with a sketch with the Procreate Pencil outlining a bunny and her two little baby friends. They’re on an Easter egg hunt! And the sun is shining behind. So far so cute!

Coloring them In

This time, I decided to go for the Oberon brush in place of my usual Medium Airbrush. The Oberon brush seems to be recommended by anime illustrators. Not a bad brush I must say, I do like the low opacity of it but I am not sure about the streaks showing up, as you can see in the face and ears of the big bunny. Perhaps I need to practice more with it!

Adding Textures

A variety of texture brushes were introduced here. For the grassy area for instance, I sprinkled on some Light Dusting (add-on brushes purchased separately), and for the sky, the Procreate-included clouds. Some leaves from Jason’s Expressive brushes were then added on the right and Darkened with the Blending Mode, followed by some glittery enhancements for the sun: Scattered Glitter and Glitter Dust from the AJ Gold Rush range. Finally, I dotted on some sparkles to the big bunny’s eyes with some Neon Tube from the set of Lights brushes. Et voilà!

Another fun and creative Procreate session experimenting with various brushes! The possibilities are endless. This time, a simple little anime piece as the objective was to come up with an Easter theme. Once I have more time to spare, I might incorporate some textures on the bunnies or change the background a bit more but for now, I do like this as it is. Till next Easter then, and hope you all have a a great rest of the week!

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