Furry Friends

More fun with digital painting! This was a mere experiment that turned into another kawaii piece and now wanted to share. Here I was trying out a variety of different add-on brushes including polka dots, crayons, fur and lights to add effect and texture. And what do I end up with? Some cute furry little monsters!

Polka Dots

On a yellow background I began playing around with the White Dot Pattern brush in blue pink, orange and tan. As you can see a wide range of sizes and density is possible. Not sure if I’d use this set so often but since I love dots, I think it would be great for incorporating patterns in, say, outfits. Or, as here, dots would make a great background and of course another element for an abstract painting!


Another brush worth trying out are crayons, more specifically the FTOON Crayon. I wanted to get some waxy textures here, but more importantly, I love that “child’s drawing” look! It brings me back to my childhood, hence lets me get into my inner child. At this point I was just doodling around, and the first that came to mind were tulips! Definitely in the Spring mood. I do love this effect and will definitely be using this set for future paintings more extensively.

Fun with Fur

The brushes here come from a set “FUR by Eldar Zakirov”. I looked the designer up and found out he’s a digital artist from Uzbekistan and does quite a lot of illustration paintings involving animals, especially cats. Quite impressive I must say, and now I’m inspired by some of his work as seen here. To be noted. Originally intended to be one big bunny and two small teddy bears, I ended up with a pink furry creature and two furry purple baby ones! This furry texture is indeed very effective, and I’m happy the set comes in different variations which I’ve yet to explore further.

Lighten Up!

And now the eyes. The best choice of course for this purpose is neon light from a set of brushes called simply “Lights”. First, though, two ovals were added in white for the pink monster’s eyes, followed by adjusting the Blending Mode to Exclusion to make the color green. I have yet to find out more about the different blending modes on Procreate but for now, I was just playing around with the various options. Finally, I drew in the whites of the eyes and the eyes of the Purple baby monsters with the Neon Tube. How spooky yet cool is that!

And here concludes my fun experiment with the different add-on brushes for Procreate! So much to choose from but for now, I’ve just produced a simple painting to demonstrate what is possible. Now I am very excited to use them for future artwork and can’t wait to share here. And meanwhile our furry friends are looking ever so adorable!

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