Black Cat on Black

Finally back to getting creative again! It’s been quite a hectic few days as my apartment is on the verge of getting sold so I had to tidy out quite a lot. Meanwhile I have quite a backlog of my artwork I would like to write about! And what have we here today? A black cat! It’s a special one though because this black cat was sketched on black paper. But how is that possible?

Inspired by Another Artwork

Well, it’s negative space artwork. Think of it. We can create a drawing of a white cat on white paper right? We just paint the background and leave the cat alone. But we never think of a black version of it; black cat on black paper in the same method. It just transpired to me during one of my art classes a few months ago when I spotted a sketch done by one of the students, a child of elementary school age. As you see, a black cat was drawn on black paper. The background was colored white, giving a negative space effect by letting the shape of the cat remain black. Then the eyes and outfit was colored. I just thought it was such a cool idea and wanted to try it out in my version of a black cat!

Getting White Space

For this piece, I used my black paper sketchbook by Art Gecko and sketched with Cretacolor’s Art Chunky set of 12 colored charcoal sticks. Another chance for me to try out my new art supplies again!

With a white chalk pencil (also by Cretacolor), I set about making an outline of my cat. This one would have a dress on, similar to Little One. The background was then filled in with the white charcoal stick on its side for a more even result.

Black Cat Here!

And the rest flowed. The eyes were colored in with the midnight blue and outlined in white along with the lashes and whiskers. As for the dress, I couldn’t decide which green to use so combined both, giving an interesting camouflage look, how cute! Just a few strokes on the ears and arms to finish off. And here we are, that was quick and easy!

A simple sketch but I loved the idea of using black paper again and creating something cute with negative space. Whilst I have done quite a lot of work with negative space on painted backgrounds, colored paper is something new to me. I would definitely like to do something similar using other kinds of paper and see what other interesting stuff would emerge! And the black cat indeed looks adorable.

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