Bunny and Teddy Love

Today sharing some art journaling! It’s not often I get to do this because I’m either too busy or I’m working on a project including following online art classes. And hence for 2022, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to start art journaling more consistently and finding time to work on projects too. After buying a proper journal sketchbook (no spiral spine), I went about happily trying out a variety of mediums to create something cute.

The Beginning

Once again, I began with some leftover paint from another painting I had been working on. This was I believe the Titan Green acrylic paint by Golden which was smeared across the page with a big brush. I came back to it a few days later and wondered what I should do with the pages and decided how about a bunny and bear spread across the pages? They were then drawn opposite each other on each page with a black marking pencil. And now the fun begins! Having recently purchased a set of oil pastels by Jaxon, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try them out here. And hence some heart doodles. Then on top and bottom of the pages, some gold paint was briskly brushed on.

Painting Away

And now even the funner part! I wanted this time to use some Ecoline Ink but combine that with liquid watercolor using Dr. Ph Martin’s products. For the background, the Hydrus watercolor in Venetian Brown was chosen for the upper part, followed by Ecoline Ink #416 for the bottom half. Interesting how the gold acrylic paint and oil pastel heart shapes show through beautifully whilst resisting the water-based mediums For the Bunny and Teddy, I decided to experiment with another of Dr. Ph. Martin’s products, this time Radiant Concentrated Water Color in Moss Rose (7A) and Turquoise Blue (8A), respectively. And wow, they are indeed radiant! I diluted the colors with some water when coloring their heads which explains why they are a lighter shade. Still wow!

Finishing it All Up

Just a few more details! I now wanted to experiment more with the Ecoline Ink! I then filled the red hearts with some pink and red ink (#390 and #318), and noticing the empty space between the bunny and teddy I drew a big heart in red and colored it in with the pink. And finally the eyes. Ecoline ink was once again used, this time in marker form in dark grey (#760). Et voilà! Bunny and Teddy look like they’re in love. How sweet is that!

As the painting was done in the earlier pages of the book, it was not possible to flatten it out without using a big paper clip. I am however, pleased how it all turned out even in the photograph. The highlight of this journalling was trying out the Ecoline Inks with watercolor and oil pastel. It’s a wonderful combination! Furthermore, I loved how the Radiant Concentrated Water Color turned out. Should use that more often too! Art journaling will definitely be something I should develop more, and I ought to make more time for that. Let’s have another creative year for 2022!

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