Christmas Lights

Another Christmas-themed digital painting! I took this opportunity to experiment with all the amazing add-on brushes pertaining to lights and sparkles for some enhanced effects. What better time would this be than painting a Christmas Tree with lights!

Planting the Tree

I began with making the painting square and firstly drawing a green rectangle. Wanting to introduce some leafy textures on top, I adjusted it with some Gessian Blur. A second layer was then added in which Leafy Mix was randomly scattered. For the trunk, I added a brown rectangle below the tree, followed by the Bardot Roller Shadow on top for some texture. A star was then added on top using the Flare Light brush.

Decorating the Tree

And how exciting it all gets! I then decided to decorate this tree with streamers and baubles. For now, I will make it quite simple as I’m just practicing. I went for the Neon Tube 2 for the baubles, and some Glitter Sketch Pen for the streamers. Wow, so far, so cool!

Working on the Background

Now that I’ve got my Christmas Tree all pretty and decorated, what next? I was not sure what to do and was in a rut. As I had already drawn some characters in another Christmas painting, I thought I would just focus on the tree itself. How about adding more trees in the background then? However, the tree I had just decorated would remain as the centerpiece. I then traced my steps back and found the first layer in which the blurred green triangles were, then duplicated it twice and placed them on each side of the tree. What a great idea that was! To make the sparkles and lights pop out more, the background was then changed to something dark, this time navy blue.

More Bling

I’m really getting into this sparkly add-on feature! And now I decided to add more to the background. First the sky had some gold Glitter Confetti to emulate the stars. Then for the ground, I went for some Sparkles 1 in a lighter gold. As a finishing touch, I figured the star on top of the tree could do with some more and hence added some Sparkles 2. Et voilà!

Now that was another fun session! I would most definitely recommend these add-ons if you like bright shiny effects. Seeing I like incorporating glitter, neon and metallics in my analog paintings, I am pleased this is also possible with digital art. Looking forward to experimenting more! And meanwhile, I wish you all Happy Holidays for 2021 and that we stay safe again.

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