Party Trio

Aww Little One is hosting a little Christmas Party with her friends again this year! I’m afraid, though, it will have to be a small one again with limited number of attendees. With the recent developments lately, many parts of Europe including the Netherlands are coming under stricter measures. Looks like then we will have yet another subdued Christmas again this year sadly which made me then decide to paint something cute with a bit of a “party” mood. Hope that will cheer us up!

Watercolor Scribbles

This painting is actually the result of following Juliette Crane’s free video introducing us to art journalling. Although I do a lot of my paintings in sketchbooks already, a proper art journal sketchbook was used for the first time here; one with a closed spine as opposed to one with a metal spiral binding. One of the advantages of this is that you could spread your painting on both sides, but today I only went for one side on which I began scribbling randomly with some watercolor. At this stage I had no idea how it will all develop but I found myself starting with the head of Little One, then adding two more heads followed by some red sparks and an orange sun. Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors were used here. So far so good! This sketchbook is actually intended for watercolors which was perfect. So what next?

Progressing Further

In Juliette’s video, we then work on the background when we are ready to take the next step. Water-soluble oil pastels are used here. In this case, I went for Caran d’Ache’s Neocolor II. Just rough streaks and scribbles in two shades of blue. I made sure to leave enough space for the girls’ dresses which I later filled in with the watercolor in various greens. Once that was done, I drew in the eyes and outlined the dress and the crown with some aquarelle pencil. This simple painting was completed by some dots with a white Uni Posca marker. And here we are!

Great introduction to Juliette Crane’s Bliss Painting classes! I love how she helps us open up and express ourselves freely. It’s not often that we use watercolor together as she does more acrylic and mixed media in her classes. Whatever medium it would have been, I was amazed how my train of thoughts just kept flowing. And here, I ended up creating something really cute and hoping that this party atmosphere will cheer us up during these difficult times. Little One and friends look so adorable don’t they?

Click here for more about Juliette Crane and her amazing classes!

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