Blue Magic

What a shame. I made this painting during my Tuesday afternoon abstract art classes over two years ago but never got around to sharing it! Better late than never though, and I’m now happy to present it of course. Today, Little One is playing her friends Bunny and Teddy who got her a cute blue T-shirt as a present. She wants to show it to you! Being a lover of kitties and cats, she is so thrilled it features a fluffy cat. As soon as she put it on, though, everything mysteriously turned blue! “It’s a magic T-shirt”, explained Bunny. “How cool is that!”, exclaimed Little One. And together they wandered along the sea of blue…

The Blue Period.

I love this story, don’t you? What inspired me was that during class, our tutor Dieter had us create paintings along the lines of Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period. The years between 1901 and 1904 mark the works of this famous Spanish painter during which he created essentially monochromatic pieces in shades of blue and blue-green. Only occasionally would the painting be warmed by other colors. And hence, I decided to see how my kawaii characters would turn out with this Blue Period theme. A variety of mediums were used for this painting, as I was searching for all the blue colored stuff as much as possible including Ecoline Ink, acrylic paint and markers.


For this piece, I chose canvas. I then sketched my drawing with aquarelle pencil before going for the background. A combination of cream colored paint and light blue was firstly applied using my fingers and once dry, I stifled on some blue Ecoline ink on top with a hard brush. To give a better idea of how the hair and face should look, I then painted the face with a mixture of light blue and titanium white, making sure I didn’t color the eyes yet. A blue ecoline marker was used for the hair.

The Magic T-shirt

Seeing that the Kitty on the shirt was to be fluffy, I applied some modelling paste to give it some texture. Whilst waiting for it to dry, I colored around the area with some cobalt blue and the collar a lighter shade by mixing that blue with white. The kitty was then filled in with the same lighter shade of blue and once dry, I dotted on the eyes with a small brush dipped in the cobalt blue. How cute is that!

Teddy and Bunny

One of the fun things about this painting is that we were able to create various shades of blue by mixing with white, darker blue or black. As you can see what I’ve done to this pair, I varied the blues by adjusting the proportions of the mix. Even the whites of the eyes are a hint of blue!

The Whole Picture

And now back to Little One. Painting Little One’s hair was so much fun as I got to experiment using various degrees of blue to give some dimension. The streaks were possible by dragging the dropper from the acrylic ink bottle along the area. Even the eyes and lashes are not black but merely a blend of blue and some black in varying degrees. Like the Teddy and Bunny, even the whites of the eyes have a subtle hint of blue. Ditto with the dots on the eyelashes. Just a few tweaking here and there, and I was now good to go!

I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. Here we got to experiment and observe the various shades and tones of one color, in this case in blue. I also got to learn that the blue can also be warmed up more with some cream color, as seen in the background. Despite the rather cold color of blue, Little One and her friends still manage to look live and adorable too! I understand that Picasso also has a number of periods in his artwork. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to explore each one? The Rose Period is another that comes to mind….

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