First Anniversary

Wow, time does fly! Last summer around July, we signed the purchase contract of our new house, making it officially our residence. Things since then of course got hectic with refurbishment, home improvements and of course moving our personal possessions across and finding where to put what so we totally lost track of time. We still have a few finishing touches to complete but apart from that our new home is now very cozy and we are enjoying settling in. Then some weeks ago one evening as I was relaxing in front of the TV, I decided to practice a bit more on my digital art skills and happened to doodle about us. And what a more appropriate theme could I have chosen than our First Anniversary together in this sweet happy home!

Outdoorsy Background

Although the weather hasn’t been that great this summer, I thought I would make the background a bit more cheerful. Blue sky with a bit of clouds. Procreate provides some preset special effects like clouds. In fact this app comes with quite a few amazing effects as we have seen in past work. To create some grass in the background, I opted for Hessian, using two shades of green, initially one layered on top of the other.

It’s Us Again!

I used the Airbrush to draw us. Best is to start out with many layers, each corresponding to one part of the our faces and outfits. I first worked on our heads, using seperate layers for the face, hair and eyes (one drawn in and then duplicated for evenness). Then once I was happy with the them, I merged the layers one for me and one for BF’s. This lets me easily adjust the sizes and positions later if I decide to. After the heads I drew the outfits, adding even a separate layer for the collars which eventually got merged once I was happy with them. So far so cute, isn’t it?

Big Hearted

Well what to add now? I have done enough flowers and animals lately. To do something different, I thought of a big heart behind us. Perhaps a bit clichéd but I also wanted to experiment with different light and color techniques on Procreate. I then created a new layer and moved it down to between us and the background. To make a perfect heart shape, I firstly drew one half of it and by gently pressing down my stylus a perfect curve is created. This was then duplicated and flipped vertically. Then I filled the color in red before curiously trying different light effects. The Vivid Light seemed to work best in this situation. And here it is! Love how the bottom layer like the clouds and some of the Hessian grass shows through. Wow, I really love it.

It’s always fun to play around with what is available on the Procreate app and discovering how to make artwork even more stunning. I certainly love what changing the light could do with the red heart without outshining the characters. Can’t wait to do more challenging stuff like this and coming up with the unexpected! Meanwhile, boyfriend and I will be enjoying the cozy house together while I also expand and explore my creative mind.

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