Froggy and Her Flowers

I had to disappear for a few days because with the refurbishment of my dressing room now complete, I spent days getting my stuff unpacked again and putting them all back in. Still far from done! Last weekend we changed our clocks to Summer time. You know what that means: longer daylight, warmer weather, blooming flowers, cute baby animals and happier days! So much more optimism even despite the COVID that I felt like painting some cute animals and flowers in bright colors again. This time I decided to go for our little smiling froggy! It’s been some time, hasn’t it? And today, she is prettying herself up in pearls to go to her garden and pick some pretty flowers. Let’s see what she has in her hands, shall we?

Bokeh Background

And here is the digital piece I created few days ago about it! I have not had the chance yet to progress to the next lesson in the Procreate courses but use the spare time to practice more and have fun with it. Deciding to make the painting square, I went for a violet background first. The first layer was then a scatter of Bokeh Lights in a melange of various pink shades. I love dots and circles; anything round I find really cute. So far so kawaii!

My Little Froggy

The next layer, I painted my little froggy using Medium Airbrush. First outlined it, then colored her in with autofill. Using the clipping mask, I then added some shading using a darker shade with Soft Airbrush (left photo). Then for the eyes, a new layer was added after which I painted one eye then added the whites (another layer) before merging them together. Then I duplicated the eye and flipped it over vertically for some symmetry. The mouth was then added, making sure it was a perfectly rounded shape (like the eyes) by keeping the stylus pressed till it is automatically done for you. And then for fun, I dotted on some white for the pearls. Very elegant indeed!

Flower Power

And now for the flowers! First, I drew them in with the Medium Airbrush as well. The yellow one was a bit of a challenge as I was trying to get the petals to be reasonably even in length and spaces in between. Once I was happy with it, I clipped masked and added a bit of shading in the middle of the petals with some pink. Then another layer on top for the white center which in turn was clipped masked to add some pink sparkles. Always fun experimenting with masking! For the blue flower, I did the same but just added the Flower Power patterns from the Vintage library. And now, we have our happy little froggy with her pretty flowers!

Great to be getting the knack for digital painting. Still more to learn of course but I need to keep practicing. If only I had the spare time nowadays! Being rather obsessive about being tidy and organized with storage, our new home is far from ready. I am still doing my best to stick to my promise of spending just a few hours on it and another few for creative hobbies and catching up on my blogging. A bit of a backlog of artwork to write about, but not to worry I’ll catch up in no time!

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