Bunny Duo

Drawing cute bunnies again. Of course, I’m getting ready for Easter! That’s coming up in a week, but with COVID I’m not sure if we are in such a festive mood over it. Perhaps this is why I’m back to experimenting with black backgrounds again. This time, I’m trying it out digitally. Relaxing one evening, I happened to take my iPad and start sketching away and wondered what it would all be like to start with a back background as if I were drawing on black paper. Sharing today a simple but eye-catching piece featuring my little bunnies!

Black Background, White Pencil

Starting with a black background, I sketched a bunny using white Script Calligraphy “pen”. A copy of that was then made using the Duplicate menu followed by flipping it over horizontally like a mirror image. By now, I am able to figure out how to move images around so brought the bunnies closer together, even expanding them so they fill the screen. Yay!

Tickled in Pink

Adding a new layer and shifting it under the white pen layer, I proceeded in filling the bunnies in with pink. Two different shades of pink for each one using the medium Airbrush. Here, I expanded the screen and traced along the white lines, using auto-fill by working on small areas at a time. So far, so cute!

Bunnies in Storm Bay

Rather than add faces as I normally would, I went for a more abstract feel this time. Just thought I should play along and see what happens. Perhaps create a pattern in the bunnies? First I Clip Masked the bunny shapes and incorporated a Storm Bay effect. This effect is on the Abstract menu and uses a spectrum of random colors which makes the result all the more interesting. I also love that smoky appearance. A few other additions were experimented on, but I felt it was too much and went back to the original Storm Bay effect only. For now, I’ll just leave it as that!

Just another short and simple digital painting that began with an experiment. Here I wanted to try out black backgrounds for a change and get a different mood for my kawaii anime style. Black background gives a more sophisticated and mysterious feel to the drawings which makes it more suited to abstract art. Still always fun to discover new ways and I would definitely create more black background art also digitally!

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