Rehearsing for Easter

Easter is not till early April this year but Little One is so excited! From her drawers she pulls out a red bunny hat and a matching jumpsuit to rehearse for the part. Joined with her is Mimi-chan the kawaii daughter of a neighborhood chum! Luckily, Little One kept the costume she has since grown out of and was so sweet she has given it to her. Isn’t that sweet, never throwing away old clothes but giving them to those in need or to friends who would appreciate it more! Together they set out to the park and just hung out among the pretty flowers that are blooming earlier than expected this year. And here is a quick and easy sketch I made about that the other day!

And here I went for markers, more precisely alcohol-based ones, on Bristol paper. Copic markers are typically used in this case, but I also wanted to introduce another brand called Spectrum Noir, in the Brights range which come in a set of 24 vivid colors. I had them for a few years, but like many of my art supplies, they have been sitting quietly in my cupboard all this time and never used. What a waste! Those markers are great. Compared to Copics they do yield a lot of ink on paper so the colors are stronger but how quickly these pens get used up is another issue. I combined the two brands, and here it is! I shall definitely be using this new brand more, and continue practicing and creating with alcohol markers.

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