Violet Sky

Sharing another digital painting I did a few weeks ago whilst following Maurizio de Angelis’ on-line class on Procreate. I guess I could have used it as a Valentine’s theme but I ended up using my mixed media painting as the “masterpiece” for Valentine’s 2021 instead. Not to worry, as my boyfriend always tells me, “Everyday is Valentine’s Day for us”! Now isn’t that sweet of him. Whilst practicing after the classes, I was merely experimenting with what I had learnt so far. Some of the things I still had to get to grips with was masking, duplicating and playing around with layers. As you will see, the background has gone through a metamorphosis!

Turquoise Theme

I initially made the background turquoise, and as first layer began drawing me and my boyfriend using the airbrush and colorfill. Then as second layer, drew in the hair and played around with the blending brush.

Turquoise Theme

Grassy Green Theme

I then added the eyes. At this point, I had yet to discover how to duplicate shapes which would have been handy since my eyes are always uneven or lopsided. The edges are also a bit sloppy because I had not yet realised you can actually expand the images by sliding to fingers across! Not to worry, one lives and learns. Once I learned about duplicating shapes, I went about doing this for the hearts. I was, though, not happy with the background being turquoise and went back to the background layer and switched it to a grassy green.

Grassy Green

Snazzy Background

Then I thought, nah, I need something more catchy. How about go to the colour palette and back to the background layer and choose something like a bright violet shade? A new layer was then added just above the background and some Glimmer light was scribbled on in yellow. Actually, the yellow looks golden against the violet, how cool is that! And now we’re talking…

Another simple yet vivid painting on a digital app! I was merely practicing and experimenting to see what I could create and am pleased I was able to churn out something kawaii and interesting. I have pretty much improved my techniques since then by having picked up more tips in the lessons but it’s always good to see how far I’ve come. Still I love the color scheme and how cute this painting turned out. Will definitely be practicing even more!

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