Little Friends

Little One is friends with the neighbors, and the little daughter there loves coming over to play. She’s so sweet too! They both like bunnies and teddies and enjoy dressing up. Of course Little One enjoys playing big sister to her as well. So today I’m sharing a kawaii painting featuring the two of them. And seeing they might be a bit bored having to stay in during these difficult times, I made sure the background would be as fancy as possible!

The Fancy Background

The background starts with cobalt blue. Then some pink Bokeh lights were dotted in, followed by some white flare. Finally, some green Lightleak on the bottom for a more festive mood.

Drawing the Little Ones

As second layer I added some Elliptical shapes and filled the colours in. A duplicate was then made and after shrinking one of them, I practiced with the shading for a 3D effect this time incorporating the Clipping Mask. At first I struggled with the concept of masking but now getting the swing of it.

Practicing is so much fun! I repeated that process with the eclipses this time for the eyes; create one shape, then duplicate. For the whites of the eyes, I did the same but for the left and right I flipped the images vertically to make them symmetrical. Once I was done with the eyes, I went for the dress using the Auto Fill before painting in the hair and the eyelashes.

The Fun Begins!

Not happy with the composition of the painting, I decided to do something radical. I merged all the layers pertaining to the two little girls as one big block that can be worked on. Then I expanded them and shifted them diagonally. So far so good, but we need to add more! As the two little girls love teddy bears, I began by drawing one teddy bear and filling in with yellow. Then I began duplicating them all over the painting in different directions. Glimmer lights were then scattered around to complete the piece. And now we’re talking!

Another fun practice with Procreate! I’m still on the first lesson with the on-line course but I’m enjoying practicing too much that I keep churning out more paintings haha. Now I’m ready to embark on the next lesson and see what more exciting stuff is on the plate. Digital painting is so much fun too and a nice change when you just want to sit down with your iPad and doodle away. Looking forward to doing more, and meanwhile, the two Little Friends do indeed look so happy and adorable in this bubbly background!

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