Little Red Angel

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, yay! Although not the same due to the pandemic, we’re using the opportunity to just chill from weeks if not months of improving the new house. And it’s a perfect time for me to relax and paint a bit. Today I’m sharing a kawaii mixed media painting with another Christmas theme. A cute little angel dressed not in white but in fluorescent red looking all vividly colorful! A great way to lighten up this somber mood of 2020 and praying for a better Christmas next year.

How it Started

This painting was totally unplanned. I was actually working on another painting at the same time (coming up soon!) Since I don’t like to throw away excess paint when painting, I prefer to wipe all on a separate sketchbook and see what I can recreate from all the patches and scribbles of colors. One of my favorite ways to get creative. And of course, waste not want not!

How it all Started

Layer Away!

I suppose of course with the way the beginning was looking, it was obvious I would be painting a single character like Little One again. Given the Xmas theme, how about something along those lines? Like an angel perhaps? And so I began randomly spreading more acrylic ink, collages and mark making with some stencils and stamps.

Little Angel

Once I was ready, I took my Stabillo pastel pencil and drew my angel. I firstly added some lines on the hair with Caran d’Ache Neo Color II water-soluble pastels and lightly spread the color with some water and Antelope Brown ink. The first layer of the background was colored in Light Green, and the wings in Titanium white first then Iridescent White, the latter which I regretted a bit as it made the layer below not as transparent as I had expected. Let’s see…

Little Angel

More Layers

Although my aim was to create an angel, I was also working intuitively to see what would happen. It’s what I love about mixed media work; seeing what happens and if it doesn’t look right then cover it up with something else! At this point I added the crown seeing that there was no room for a halo. Rather than fill in the crown with another color I decided to create negative space by adding a layer of Emerald Green in the background but also tapped some fluorescent red in some bits to make some unity with the dress. The head though looked a bit disjointed from the body so I patted on a thick layer of silver as a collar. And of course the eyes… she’s closing them in prayer… speaking of which…

More Layers

Final Changes

Oh no, I totally forgot the arms! I was not too keen about the dark collage on the dress below the collar anyhow and thus I covered it up with the fluorescent red and when dry added the hands. The emerald green background is indeed beautiful but I felt if a bit darker, the angel, especially the dress, would pop out more. I then brushed on a glaze of permanent green. Now we’re talking! For the eyes, I went over it with a brown Molotow marker then traced the lids with some bronze glitter glue. I also dabbed a thin coat of teal on the lids as well to give some color. A few tweaks were incorporated like stamping some silver imprint on the wings with bubble wrap and silver sequins on the forehead. Now we’re good to go!

And what a cute and colorful angel I created! I also had a lot of fun creating her. This is what I love about mixed media painting especially when working intuitively; just adding as you go till you’re happy with the painting. And now I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas despite its limitations and that next year will be back to normal… so prays our little angel!

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