Little Thai Princess

In my last blog yesterday Happily Sentimental, I shared the first phase of Chapter One Lesson 4. Lots of emotions to take in when painting about happy memories isn’t it? Today, let me write about the second phase of this project! It gets even better…

Preparing for Phase Two

This painting below, which I had for the first phase, was done on sketchbook. Before starting, we were instructed to leave the previous page blank. You’ll shortly see why. For this purpose, we are to find a photograph of ourselves, something that is again meaningful and has some impact on your life. The photo was to be scanned and printed on A4 size.

Happily Sentimental

In Touch with my Thai Side

So which photo did I choose? In line with my inner child theme, I came across this kawaii little gem. It’s my first “photoshoot” at age 4,. What makes the photo so special is that I got to get in touch with my Thai side. Whilst I was born and raised in Japan by a Japanese mother, my father is Thai. Following my parent’s divorce when I was 12, I had very little contact with my father. It was only recent that I began to unravel my past and come to terms with it, and I guess incorporating the photo in this artwork is about forgiveness.

In Touch with my Thai Side

I remember the day when this photo was taken so well. Daddy enjoyed photographing and decided to experiment with a makeshift home studio! Lights were set up with whatever we had in the house, ie a desk lamp. My parents had just come back from a short visit to see family in Thailand, and they picked up this kawaii national costume and crown for me to pose in. To be honest the shoot was an eerie experience, even a bit uncomfortable. Imagine suddenly being dressed up in a “strange” outfit and told to stay still and smile when the room was dark except for that one big light shining in your eyes. Precious moments though I never forget with this priceless photo!

The Making of a Princess

And this priceless photo my boyfriend loves and has since been calling me a Little Thai Princess. It is quite reminiscent of that film King and I in which a crowd of cute little Thai children of royalty appear in their traditional outfit and crowns and obediently start praying and clasping their tiny hands in reverence to the King! And now the A4 sized print of the photo was to be traced on the previous page of the Happily Sentimental painting and cut out so we have a peek of that painting underneath.

The Makimg of a Princess

Finishing it All Up

I was happy to notice how my Hello Kitty and Ambonne the teddy bear, along with some tiny creatures, were visible. Further openings on this page were made using a cutter (I remembered to put a cutting mat between the sheets!). Just some little leaves. The stems were drawn in with some Sennelier 3D Liner in gold. I did consider adding a heart on the top left corner but I’m glad I didn’t. The prime focus, I thought, should be on the silhouette of our Little Thai Princess! So here we are…

What a fulfilling challenge this project was! I not only picked up new ideas but I was able to unfold my past and come to terms with the part of my life I kept holding back, including my father. It was certainly a healing process as well. And that’s another thing about art; it’s therapeutic and provides an ongoing journey which I always look forward to joining every time I paint.

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