Dancing Garden

Further practice with some digital art for a change! I’ve yet to embark on one of the one-line courses I’ve signed up with, but I’ve been so enthusiastically preoccupied with Tracy Verdugo’s painting classes that I’ve been putting it off. Don’t worry I’ll get to it once her classes end in November or should I have the chance in between! Today, I wanted to share a cool but kawaii artwork I made whilst just practicing with Procreate.

Combining Photography

This time, I made the background out of a photograph! It’s the one I took of a succulent plant whilst visiting my boyfriend’s mother. She has a beautiful garden with lots of interesting plants. It was the succulent plants I got drawn into because I love the texture and shapes as well as the various shades of green they bring out. Having downloaded it, I then started playing around with the app and discovered the liquify option from which you can manipulate the photo by twisting and swirling the image around as I had done below.

Liquified Photograph

After liquifying, I added some bokeh lights and Myrtle patterns in it along with some Vintage Flowers in green. What a beautiful piece it has turned into! I was almost going to leave it as it was but decided to go ahead and draw on it. Luckily, I have saved a photo of this in case I miss it too much!

Combining Photography

And Little One is Back!

And what to paint on the background than kawaii Little One! Maybe she had a dream being in the garden and all the plants began dancing! And she’s standing in the middle of it all, awed by what’s happening, how cute! So first layer is the head and dress in watercolour, in addition to more Vintage Flowers this time in pink and magenta. Next layer came the hair and eyes, not to forget the retouch tool used for the hair.

And Little One is Back!

Making Her Kawaii

The finishing touches were quite simple. I added some eyelashes using Fine Hair retouch tool and used some gel pen for the whites of the eyes. Flowers were then doodled in with the white gel pen, and more Vintage Flowers were dotted about the piece to add further dimension. And now, how sweet does it all look!

Just a simple digital painting as a break from all the mixed media classes I’ve been following. Though simple, it was the background which made the piece more interesting by manipulating an existing photograph. Of course having Little One pose helped add some cuteness, and now what a wonderful combination they make! I’ll definitely be practicing and experimenting more with digital art.

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