Little Cow Girl

Aww so cute! Little One is very impressed with all the cows marching along the farm across the back of her new house. So impressed that she thought she’d do something cute and make a little costume of a cow. And now she wants to show her creation to you! Isn’t she adorable? And of course I want to share my own creations here too by painting about it. Too kawaii to resist!

From Scrap Paper

For this piece I used a scrap piece of Bristol paper on which I had wiped off excess paint whilst working on another painting (left photo). I prefer not to waste and like recreating from what I could recycle. First I doodled some hearts with oil pastels then brushed on layers of fluid acrylic paint in Primary Magenta, Vat Orange amd Titan Green

From Scrap Paper

Painting the Cow!

Once I was happy with the background, I sketched my Little Cow with aquarelle pencil. I felt though that something was missing with the composition. The corners of the paper were then adorned with bits of paper napkins with leafy images. Then I was ready to paint the cow! A mixture of two new fluid acrylic paints, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Titanium White, were used for the face, The costume was in Antelope Brown, and the horns a combination of Titanate Yellow heavy body paint and Fluorescent yellow. For the eyes, I filled them in with Payne’s Grey and drew the lashes with acrylic markers.

Making Her More Kawaii

First I glued small collages of origami paper on parts of the costume to make it less plain. This was then followed by some gold and copper glitter glue on the eyelashes and edges of the horns. I also doodled in some dots and flowers with white acrylic marker to add some accent to the painting. Finally some white was lightly brushed around the cow to make it pop out more. And at last!

Little One is now Little Cow Girl! It was so much fun painting this piece. Looks like a sweet whimsical animal painting typically seen in the works of mixed media artists. By following classes of other artists, I’ve certainly gained inspiration and ideas whilst developing my own style. Creativity is an ongoing development. Looking forward to creating more kawaii work!

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