Bubbly Girl

And now another kawaii digital painting featuring who else but Little One! It’s always a pleasure practicing on Procreate, and Little One is more than happy to volunteer as subject. So keen to learn more that I’ve recently purchased some on-line classes for Procreate, and once things are less hectic with the on-going moving preparations I’d like to start it! Meanwhile, just some casual practice.

Dark and Square

I thought I’d do something different this time and go for square rather than the same old A4 size. Then I thought I’d experiment again with a darkish background but in a vivid color like cobalt blue. Another thing I decided to do differently too is the composition by orienting the subject matters diagonally! Here I sketched Little One with a 6B pencil and added random circles and hearts around her. So far looking good!

Dark and Square

Spray Paint

Next layer I added some yellow spray paint on the bottom right corner. Then tapped in some small dots of spray paint as well but in light blue. Concerned that they hid the original pencil sketch, which was not the intention, I added another layer md retraced it with the 6B pencil.

Spray Paint

Let’s Add Some Colour!

The drawing was then filled in with gouache. This medium is one of my favorite because of its solid and matte finish. To be honest I don’t even get to paint with it much in my manual art work though I do from time to time use it for mixed media painting. Gouache is something I definitely need to work with more often! Once happy with the coloring, I added a new layer and spread some Glimmer at the bottom right corner. It’s as if Little One is floating on an opened bottle of champagne!

Adding Colors

A Bit of Retouch

When drawing hair digitally, I like to finish it with a Retouch tool. I also used some on the lashes, given the last time I tried this it went well. This certainly adds volume and some “visual texture”. After going over the gouache to even out the color, I was now good to go!

So much fun practicing! Whilst coloring in this piece, I had to be careful not to go over the black lines, and when I did I had to erase the edges to make them look tidy. A bit time consuming. I am sure in the Procreate course we will be covering this part, how to mask and fill perhaps? I look forward to the courses but meanwhile I’ll continue practicing and keep Little One As kawaii as ever!

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