At Last!

My apartment in Amsterdam is finally up for sale! After three grueling weeks of tidying, carefully packing away my personal belongings and making the place free of clutter, I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved. That was Friday before last. To commemorate this first step, I made a cute pencil sketch whilst taking a break on my last day. My set of 15 graphite pencils by Caran d’ache Graphite Line is my favorite. Here, Little One is also thrilled that all is done in the apartment. Her sweet smile with her tilted head is too kawaii to resist!

The following Monday came the photographer. Then by the beginning of this week, my apartment got listed. It’s all happening now! Still not easy to let it all go, but I’m feeling much more ready now. Since getting the keys to our new house last week, we’ve been going there daily and spending the daytime getting the place ready. We are more and more enthusiastic and excited about our future place. And now hope that my old apartment will sell quickly, and at a good price of course, so we can carry on and settle down as soon as possible!

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