Dream House

During the COVID19 crisis became more pronounced in early March, I have been seeking refuge at my boyfriend’s place in the countryside. It’s given us the opportunity to test our relationship further. Could we live together? Should we take it to the next level? So far it’s been working out and very cozy. We are now considering getting a place together. Now here I am, imagining what sort of place that could be!

The Background

With my iPad, my thoughts were roughly painted on digitally using the Procreate app. I made the background a clear sunny day with green grass. The app provides pre-set patterns, such as clouds and in the case of the grass, hessian.


Two Houses?

For starters, we have been looking through the listings of available houses on sale in his area. We most definitely need a house spacious enough to fit in both of our stuff, especially mine! Our furnitures, clothes and other possessions we prefer to keep. And don’t forget my extensive Hello Kitty collection too! We found that a few places have a main house and a mini house next to it, and how ideal is that. Maybe we could create a Hello Kitty House! And so I painted the house in pre-set textures provided by the app. The roof was in Concrete Block and the rest in Stone Wall.

Two Houses?

Hello Kitty House!

Oh yes, a Hello Kitty House how kawaii would that be! A new layer was added on which I added the details in chalk and gel pen. In the main house was me and boyfriend of course. We look so happy together! On the roof I so had to draw in a smiley face. And the pink mini house is of course for my Hello Kitty’s. Even the roof has Hello Kitty doodled in! Wanting to add more happiness, I went back to the background level and air-brushed in the bright yellow sun. And now look!

Dream House

Haha only I can dream! We would most definitely want to move in together in the near future but it’s the question of how and when. Wait till the Corona crisis and aftermath calms down a bit? No rush, but the thought is there. Of course, we need to find a place that’s affordable for our wishes. And for now, we will be lucky if we could even find a room, never mind a separate dwelling, to house my Hello Kitty’s!

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