Little One is definitely at ease with herself. Looking peaceful in fact. With the COVID19 crisis and panic around the world, she knows there is nothing she could do but be wise and comply with social distancing and good hygiene. Staying home is not so bad, she tells us, especially since she can use the time and space to relax and pursue her hobbies like painting.

So now I would like to share with you this quick and easy painting I spontaneously created a few days ago! It actually began as a scrap piece of paper on which I had smeared leftover paint whilst working on another painting.

Smearing leftover paint

Amazing what potential some random scribbles like these could give. When I had a look at this piece, I knew exactly what could be drawn. It took some time though to figure out how to develop it. The existing colours and textures, created with acrylic paint, are quite soft so which medium to use? I didn’t want to paint over it and destroy but merely just wanted to add more to match what was there already.

I firstly went for aquarelle pencils in red, blue and yellow (Caran d’Ache Prismalo) and once I felt brave enough to go for something stronger, I made some light touches with Molotow acrylic markers. Then I saw flowers could be drawn even from the pre-existing shapes!

I enjoy recreating from the unexpected. Here a kawaii painting was developed from scrap paper and aimlessly smeared paint. Little One could be praying or napping, but whatever she is up to she is definitely relaxed and in peace. Surrounded by springtime she continues to chill in the garden and stays positive. When the crisis will subside remains to be seen but she wants to tell us to make the most of what we have and never to lose hope.

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