Swipe My Tulips!

It’s May already, and during this Corona crisis time just went by and yet we missed so much. This year for instance we missed checking out the tulips which come out every April. Sadly in some fields, the farmers even had to plow them down to deter visitors from coming in since too many were gathering and not complying with the social distancing. How sad is that! Although these tulips will grow back next year, perhaps painting them instead would help!

Swipe the Credit Card!

My idea to paint the tulips was actually by chance. Maybe I was speaking my mind? Once again, I was following another of Ana’s video tutorials on FB, and the lesson for the day was making a painting using a credit card! An old one of course. First we dot three or four of our favourite colours on paper and slide them across and around with the edge of the card. I used some fluorescent pink, gold and blue. Then switched to green, fluorescent green and iridescent white. The paper I used was a page from my Marabu Mixed Media sketchbook, A3 size.

Credit Card Swipe

Stamping In

At this point it was still unclear as to what I wanted from this painting. The effect of this credit card painting was so pretty and too precious to waste for adding layers. Perhaps a floral theme would be an idea! The green could be leaves and stems for instance. I felt a little more could be added, though, and decided to stamp a few leafy shapes with grey and yellow archival ink.

Stamping Away!

Negative Space

Stamping on the plants helped me visualize better what to do next, How about some negative space then? Since I had the idea for a floral painting, I then came up with tulips as mentioned in the beginning. With some white pastel, I drew my tulips before painting the background. First I made it white and seeing some colour would make the painting more lively, I went over it with some lemon yellow. And now that’s better!

So another happy flower painting! And the shapes of the tulips are so cute. I’m glad I painted the background yellow as it really lifts the vibrant colours of the flowers. A relatively simpler painting compared to my mixed media stuff but it goes without saying, less is more!

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