Christmas Kittens

Cats are notorious during Christmas.  You keep hearing stories how they knock down Christmas trees and trample on decorations.  Not cute at all!  Maybe they feel a bit left out?  Up to now in my paintings, I’ve been focussing on Little One, Bunny and Teddy so perhaps the Kitties need a little attention too.  So I thought a kawaii drawing of them would keep them happy.  Now, remember that naughty neighbourhood ginger tabby? I haven’t seen her in a while!  Maybe because it’s too cold.   How about some simple but sweet coloured pencil piece for her?  And let’s add a little kitten too so she’s not alone?

Outlining with Markers

I used Strathmore’s larger sized 11×14 inch Colored Pencil Paper (163 gsm) for this special drawing.  Firstly, I outlined by pencil my design and then traced it with Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens in various colours I felt fit.  These markers are made of India Ink which means they are permanent and waterproof.  In the past and when I first began drawing a few years ago, I used to use these markers in combination with coloured pencils and they work well together.  Great to be able to go back to them again!


Filling in with Coloured Pencils

I was a bit lazy to dig out my usual Holbein coloured pencils this time as it comes in a big box, and there is little space to put it on the table with all the Christmas junk on top!  Instead, Staedler’s Ergosoft pencils were used.  I forgot how wonderful they are, in fact, just as good as my Holbeins but at a lower price tag,  As the name suggests, the lead is soft enough to yield more  colours and the pigment are quite vibrant.  The pencils were blended using some non-odour turpentine (Sennelier’s Essence Sans Odeur) which worked really well as seen below.  Even the markers didn’t smudge!  The stains from the turpentine go away after an hour or so.


After letting the turpentine dry, I went over the pencils to add some shade and shadows.  This is something I need to work on more!  To enhance the kitties more, I blended some red to reflect the outfits.  I avoided leaving the white bits uncoloured and added a bit of red and grey.  The eyes I made hazel green for our Ginger neighbourhood tabby.  So far, so cute, but we need the whiskers!


Adding Details with Markers

As finishing touches, I added the eyes of the tinier kitty using the Faber Castell markers.  The same I did for the lashes and the whiskers.  Here I used brown rather than black so as not to make the details too overpowering.  And now!  I hope the cats will be happy and behave this Christmas.  And the ginger tabby, I wonder what she’s up to.  Hope she and her little friend will like what I’ve prepared for them!


Being a rather busy time of the year, but needing to relax by getting creative, I made my drawing quite simple as I have with the other Christmas-themed pieces.  It would have been funner to add some glitter or embellishments like sequins but I simply had very little time unfortunately.  Next Christmas I hope to be able to set more time aside and do some seriously elaborate stuff.  As for now, I wish you all a Kawaii Christmas and Prosperous 2020!

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