November Stroll

It is now November, and Little One is making the most of walking in the park before it gets too cold.  Along comes a friendly little doggy.  Little animals like doggies love her because she’s so sweet and friendly!  And it’s her bright pink pinafore and mauve-pink coloured sweater that makes her look all the sweeter.  No matter how depressing the weather becomes, Little One is determined to dress in happy colours to stay happy!  And now a kawaii painting about this…

Sketching with Markers

It’s been a while since I’ve used my Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists’ Pens.  They were my first set of serious markers when I began drawing two years ago.  Great investment they are!  The markers are India Ink and hence waterproof and permanent, quite handy for mixed media work in combination with coloured pencils and watercolours.  Here, I sketched on some Bristol Paper by Strathmore.  Great paper to use for markers because of its thickness (270 gsm) and moreover its smooth surface.  So far, so cute!


Hydrus Watercolour Background

I wanted to try out some watercolours on the Bristol paper.  For this, I went for  Hydrus Liquid Watercolors by Dr. Ph. Martin’s in Cobalt Blue for the sky and Sap Green for the grass.  You can see the paper warping a bit on the side despite not being as absorbent as normal water colour paper but once dry, I put some books on top to weigh it down so problem solved.


More Colouring

I coloured in Little One’s kawaii face with Caran d’Ache’s Neocolor II, a water-soluble wax pastel.  Best way to apply is to smear some on a plastic surface (I used the lid of a yoghurt pot) and mix with a wet brush.  For the cute little pinafore, I used Gansai Tambi’s  Lumi Accent watercolours in pink.


Finishing Touches

The clouds were filled in with some grey coloured pencil.   I then continued further with the same brown markers to volumize the hair.  To enhance the autumn mood, I added some imprints of little plants using a rubber stamp and yellow and orange Distress Ink.  I hesitated at first, but went for it anyway and glad I did!    Little details were finally doodled in with some white Uni Posca markers which, again, I have not used for some time.  Always fun to dig out old things!  And here we are, a cute little piece.


Once again, a simple drawing experimenting with a variety of mediums.  It’s also fun working with stuff I haven’t used for some time such as Faber Castell’s markers  and the Uni Posca pens.  When you are inundated with so many art supplies, you tend to forget what you have so from time to time, it’s an idea to just rummage through and have a go with some of the old stuff again.  And it’s always a pleasure drawing kawaii themes this!

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