Sweet Together

Back to some sweet romantic illustrations of me and boyfriend!  This time, I went for some digital art with the Procreate app on my iPad.  The beauty of this app is that there are a variety of “mediums” to choose from, among different types of pencils, pens, paint, pastels and charcoals.  I decided to opt for gouache on a spray painted background.

Spray Paint

I firstly made my background purple.  Suddenly I had this urge to make background purple as I am more accustomed to blue and green, and occasionally pink.  Then I added some blue spray paint in random areas for a sparkly look.


Gouache Painting

It’s not that often that I get to paint with gouache although I’d love to.  Then I noticed it is among the mediums available on Procreate.  Let’s have a try!  It went really well, and drawing with it was quite easy,  The result, though, is not any different from as if the paint were acrylic.  Still, a cute painting so far!


Finishing Details

I continued with the gouache for the eyes and collars and used some Gel Pen for the eyelashes and whites of the eyes.  Gel Paint was further used for the hair streaks.  In addition, I used a retouching tool for the hair to add some volume.  A simple piece but here it is!


So much fun to work with digital art!  Although the experience and result are never the same as the real thing, it’s a nice change.  I’m also quite impressed with the various options and possibilities available on this app.  What’s more, I love drawing about me and my boyfriend together!

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