New Neighbourhood Cat!

The other day I came across another kawaii cat approaching our house.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her/him before as the neighbourhood one we know is that mischievous ginger one.  This new one is black!  Although I can be superstitious at times, this one I hope shouldn’t give us bad luck.  Her paws were white.  It was like she was wearing a pair of white socks and mittens, so cute!  And don’t forget the white “collar”.  That was quite unusual yet sweet.  Oh and her eyes!  Such piercing green eyes.  And of course, when I got home, I had to draw about it!


This time, I went for charcoal, chalk and soft pastels on toned tan paper.  Charcoal and chalk from Cretacolor and the paper from Strathmore.  For soft pastel, I used Van Gogh.  I chose tan paper which is perfect when you want a neutral background but want also to enhance black and bring out the white as well.

It was a quick spontaneous sketch.  I just “blindly” drew the cat with no initial outlining with pencil.  Amazing how it turns out when you don’t plan and don’t even try to make it look perfect.  I have to say I enjoyed sketching, and am well pleased how it turned out; the contrast between the black and white and the green in the eyes as a stunning accent.  I should do more charcoal and chalk drawings more often!

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