Stay Happy!

Be Happy…. but even better Stay Happy!  At least that’s my motto.  Being happy is a state of emotion which is not a bad thing but staying happy is another matter  It’s about maintaining and remembering to keep up the positive attitude and not letting anything get to you.  This was the first that came to mind when I was messing around with my iPad scribbling away with the Procreate app.

Pink Mood

As you gathered pink is my fave colour.  So predictable!  I experimented with doing some digital “mixed media” and made the background magenta.  Then I began getting creative and aimlessly added funky patterns around using bright colours and seeing where I’d go.



And then I added another layer.  Little bunny and teddy!  How about in white and dressed in green and blue to contrast against the background?  I love experimenting with colours and seeing what goes well.  And bunny and teddy are raising their arms in a cheerful gesture.  Yay!


Added Cuteness

Then another layer!  This time paint in the eyes and pearls, followed by some flowers in the background.  More crazy stuff in the background!  Now I am really happy and gonna stay that way, especially when I see this piece.


Great to go back to drawing on my iPad again.  I quite liked working on the background first to create something cool and amazing.  In the past, my Procreate drawings simply focussed on the character but I’ve grown to be more confident with the app and no longer afraid to experiment more.  I’ll definitely be doing this type of “mixed media paintings” and even develop some abstract art with it …

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