Charcoal Chic

Hello!  I’m sorry for my few days absence here.  I was away last weekend to the coast of Zeeland.  Things also got a bit hectic with work.  Although I had some time to continue with artwork the week before, I had very little time the past few days.  And blogging about them too!  I have quite a backlog, but don’t worry I’ll catch up in no time.   A quick sketch I did on my iPad and Procreate app during our weekend away.

Charcoal Sketch

During one our Tuesday evening art class, we had the chance to use black charcoal.  Then we added some colour using soft pastel.  Remember that concept?  I thought I would do a digital version of it!  And here is the charcoal sketch.  Although the stick size is the same throughout (normally they vary according to stroke), I think it looks reasonably realistic, don’t you think?


Soft Pastel

Now colour away!  Wow, there is even a “soft pastel” option on the app.  I added a second layer over the charcoal drawing and began filling in the drawing.  It’s just a rough drawing and an experiment to see the effect the concept has on a tablet screen.  I do like the way the “pastel” shows the bumpy texture you get with actual paper!

IMG_0876The appearance of this digital drawing looks so cool, I even wish it were real!  In fact, it may even pass for being so.   It would be a cool idea to copy this same drawing but using actual paper, charcoal and pastels and comparing the two.  Worth a shot!

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