It’s been quite a busy few days again, and I really can’t wait to go back to painting and creating cute artwork  And blogging too!  This is a piece I worked from a ghost print and practice session a few weeks ago using the small round Gelli plates and acrylic paint.  Three gold circles across a sheet of paper.  It took me some time to figure what I wanted to do with it but I finally took the plunge to see what I can recreate.


Gold Coins

I wanted to create something quite classy yet cute, but thought I’d play it by ear whilst I continue.  I took some polka dotted stencil and began tapping with a sponge some yellow Distress Oxide around the three gold circles.  They do look like big three gold coins being rained on by even more coins!  What do you think?


Flower Power

I found some unused origami cut-outs of flowers lying around and wanted somehow to use them in this piece.  The perfect place was just in the spaces in between the coins so I stuck them on using some Japanese rice glue.  Then hmmm…. what next?  How about trying some rubber stamping?  I grabbed an assortment of flower stamps and began stamping away using some pink and violet Distressed Oxide.  Overlapping the flowers was a great idea, especially when combining two colours.


Pink Clouds

So what next?  I have a bunch of pink wrapping tissue from my shopping.  If I like some packaging item like wrapping paper, tissues and of course bubble wrap, I keep them!  They do come useful in my artwork.  I pasted on some of the wrapping tissue on the top border to create some “pink clouds”.  Aren’t they cute?  And then I made bubble-wrap prints with some Distressed Ink (blue) and Acrylic Ink (deep gold) like it was raining some petals and gold dust from the flowers.  Together, they make the flowers below grow and grow in abundance!


This is also another intuitive piece, and I enjoyed taking it up a level each time by coming up with a different medium and craft method.  Upon completion, the first thing that came to mind was “abundance”.  Abundance in wealth (gold coins) but to make life even more complete, abundance in health and happiness (flowers) is also important.  Can’t wait to resume getting creative again!

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