End of Spring

It’s almost time to say good-bye to Spring 2019.  I don’t know about you but this year it hasn’t felt so Spring-ish like it did last year.  Some days were warm others cold, and I didn’t get to notice much flowers blooming.  Perhaps I hadn’t been noticing it but still.    And Little One is not happy to see Spring go, although she looks forward to the summer.  She’ll certainly miss the tulips and fancy flowers but holds high hopes for some other pretty things to grow instead soon!

Start of From Leftover Paint

So I decided to grab a page from my sketchbook (Strathmore’s Mixed Media paper pad) on which I had scraped on some left over yellow and pink paint from another project and take it on from there.  Smudged on some Distressed Ink over some flower stencils which I thought looked cool with that “ghostly” look.


Copic Marker Collages

Instead of painting over the background, I had the idea to actually draw on another paper Little One along with some cut-out shapes like flowers and hearts.  One of the reasons is that I was in the mood to use Copic marker pens. These pens, though, tend to mar the paper and could ruin the artwork so I thought it best to draw firstly the cut-outs on special paper for these markers and then glue them on!  Today, Little One is looking kawaii again in her cute green frock with a big pink flower pattern and round polka-dotted collar.  She’s going green as she enjoys hanging around her garden.   Isn’t she so sweet?



Fancy Background!

Glued all my bits using the Japanese rice glue.  I am happy with the placements and how pretty Little One looks in this fancy background but I felt it could be more elaborate.  Had I left it as it is, I’d feel something was missing.  Perhaps because the cut-out of Little One was a bit smaller than I had hoped and thus shrinks in the background.  So why not play around with the background?


Making it All Even Prettier

I was in a bit of a daring mood and randomly began adding details in the flowers and hearts as well as Little One’s dress and eyelashes.  Here I dotted in some Nuvo Drops and spread some Ranger’s Stickles glitter glue.  Then also doodled on the edges using pink Molotow acrylic markers.  Added also some hearts and flowers using red Nuvo Drops and Stickles for fun.  And now:


I totally enjoy creating cute little pieces like this.  Although I’ve been experimenting and incorporating more styles like abstract painting (which is fun too) and realistic work like dessin sketching (also enjoyable), I always like to come back to Little One and cute little animals because I miss them so much!  So although you’ll see some “serious” artwork from me from time to time, I will never stop doing the kawaii stuff too!

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