Happy Birthday Sweetie!

It’s 2 May today and my boyfriend’s birthday.  And how could I not prepare another kawaii painting for this happy occasion?  And thus yesterday, after spending the morning for a drive, I came home and started getting my creative thoughts together.

Funky Background

I had a blue outfit for hiand a pink one for me in mind and thus decided a green and yellow background would complement well.  Here I used a crazy melange of of media, layer after layer starting from squirting and scraping some High Flow Acrylic (by Golden) with a palette knife then doodling some hearts and squiggles with oil pastels (resists water and hence pops out) and then another layer of High Flow Acrylic.  These acrylic are very fluid but more transparent compared to the Fluid Acrylic and do dry quickly.  At some point, I added some gelli printing using gold paint with heart-shaped doodles and rubber stamped some flowers with Distress Oxide.  I wonder if you can see those various bits below?


Outlining and Acrylic Mediums

I did my initial sketching of what I wanted using white pastel pencil which is visible on a colourful background as this as well as easily erasable.   Then I took a yellow acrylic pen and traced through the outline before filling it in with some white gesso so the paint on top would be less transparent.  And the cake!  I spread some Coarse Moulding Paste (by Golden) to give some appetising texture.  The remaining paste was randomly spread on where my hair is supposed to be drawn.


Colour Time!

I used a variety of Acrylic paints to colour us in.  Jane Davenport’s paint for the face and hair as she sells tubes of it in skin-colour and also for the brown hair.  Pots of Dylusions paint for HJ’s hair (Slate Grey), his outfit (Perriwinkle Blue mixed with fluorescent blue acrylic ink by Daler Rowney), and my outfit (Rose Quartz mixed with fluorescent pink acrylic in also by Daler Rowney).   For the cake, I mixed Titanium White with Pearl Violet both by Amsterdam Acrylic.  You can’t notice the violet at all which was the intention as I was more interested in the pearly effect.  Details were added using acrylic markers.  Then as a finishing touch, I glued on some unused heart-shaped cut outs (Copic ink markers) I made for another painting.  And now!!


How sweet and kawaii is that!  It was meant to be a surprise for my boyfriend but I am not good at keeping secrets.  Anyway, he loves it and we are thinking of getting this piece framed.  Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

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