King’s Day 2019

It’s King’s Day here in the Netherlands, otherwise known in Dutch as Koningsdag. Every 27 April, the Dutch celebrate this special day on the streets drinking, eating and doing garage sales selling old unwanted items. It’s a huge party and in the bigger cities, gets pretty rowdy with the rather inebriated crowds. Glad I escaped to the countryside this weekend like most Amsterdammers would to get some peace and quiet!

Meanwhile, I prepared a little drawing on my iPad for this occasion. Orange is customarily worn on King’s Day since it’s the colour of the Dutch royal family. Think Prince William of Orange, if you recall during history classes at school! Today, Little One is donned in a kawaii orange dress along with her sweet happy boyfriend also dressed in orange. They thought they’d also add crowns on their heads for fun! Don’t they look ever so adorable walking hand-in-hand all oranged up this special day?

I’m definitely getting the hang of digital art! Although not the same as the real stuff like using brush and paint, it’s still a lot of fun.

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