Tip Toe through the Tulips

And Little One is back now!  She had a lovely Easter weekend playing with the bunnies and is now relaxing by the tulip fields.  The Netherlands is very well known for these beautiful flowers.  It’s the season now for them, and the tulip fields in the countryside are quite a sight with their vivid shades standing neatly in rows.  Plots of fields are organised according to colour like red, pink, orange, yellow and even purple!  Some are two-toned.  Although Little One enjoys being surrounded by these pretty tulips, she is very careful about not stepping on them.  It’s been a common complaint among the growers when flocks of tourists from abroad come over and take photos but not see where they are walking on.  I can imagine how annoying that must be for the growers, and very anti social as well.   But Little One knows better and she’s quite happy to walk between the gaps carefully.   What a good little girl!


And the tulips are happy too, as seen in the kawaii drawing I made.  This time, I used the Procreate app again on my iPad.  I’m really getting the hang of it now!  After three or four days of creating a series of Easter themed pieces, I’m just taking it easy and made a simple “painting”.  And how do you like Little One’s pretty blue dress?  Very cute too!  How sweet to see her being kawaii as usual and up to some fun as the weather gets warmer.

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