Kitties in Love

So here goes my fourth of my five-part Valentine’s Day series! Today will be about another digital artwork I created whilst practicing yet again with the Procreate app. I wanted to include some animals in this series, and since I hadn’t drawn many cats lately, I figured now was the time. What do you make of two kawaii kitties celebrating Valentine’s too?

Red Hot Background

I don’t think I remember daring to paint with a red background before. Often I found red too strong a colour but since it’s Valentines, I now have an excuse to jump at it! I thought I’d add some hot pink speckled Glimmer to soften the red a bit and make the background more exciting and cute. With the first layer, I drew the two cats. One in grey and the other in brown. Neutral shades like them are great if you’re unsure of which colour would suit best and when you don’t feel like resorting to black or white. I’m happy how the colours go well together.

Making Them All Fancy

The next layers were a matter of adding more details. Having the kittens in neutral shades of brown and grey gives me some leeway to use bright vibrant colours as seen below without killing the red background. It was quite a challenge doing up the eyes as I was trying to make them even without my Apple Pencil stylus slipping along the glass iPad screen. Once done, I have to say I deserved a pat on the back! The final touch was scribbling hearts and “love” in the background in bright hot pink. I love that in the Procreate, you can choose various calligraphy brushstrokes with which I naturally experimented. Normally I don’t write words or add big shapes across my paintings but with digital art I feel I could do so freely. A simple but kawaii and lively painting of two kittens holding hands. How about that!

The more I practice, the more I’m getting the gist of this app. Next week, I’m off to Japan for over a week and I am most definitely bringing my iPad to “paint” with although I’ll also be bringing with me a sketchbook and some pens and pencils in case I’m itching to do the “real thing”. Look forward to more kawaii drawings!

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