Teddy Frenzy

Wanting another practice with my new Copic Ciao markers, I made another piece this time by creating cut-outs and collages.  I also got hold of some new paper as well, apparently suited for alcohol markers called Bleedproof Marker Pad by Transotype (70 gsm) which I got from Amazon.

Teddy in Blues and Purples

First thing that came to mind was wanting a bit of a change from drawing Mini Me or Little Ones and going for teddies this time.  So I just took a random colour of blue and violet and began colouring away!  This new paper claims to be bleedproof so when I put it to the test, I saw traces of the ink from the reverse side but it was indeed not leaking to the next page.  The surface of the paper was so smooth and perfect for markers as it makes it easy to draw and colour.  However, I do wish that the paper were thicker than 70gsm.  At least 150gsm would have been acceptable for making a proper and presentable drawing.  And hence the idea of creating cut outs from this type of paper and using them as collages!

img_4957Flowery Background

It’s been a while since I used Dylusions ink sprays!  Remember them?  So I had a go with them on my usual pad of Strathmore’s Mixed Media paper.  I sprayed some yellow shades of Lemon Zest and Vanilla Custard to complement the purple colours of the teddies.  Then I spritzed some fixative spray over that hoping this water-based ink wouldn’t smudge when I add layers on top.

img_4959With some flower-patterned stencil, I sponged in some Distress Ink in some yellow and orange shades, making it quite 1970s retro.  I was in the mood of using some of the flower-patterned and tiny heart-shaped rubber stamps I had bought at the Creadoe Arts & Crafts Fair a few months ago so randomly began stamping away using Distress Oxide in Wilted Violet and Distress Ink in Shaded Lilac.  Then I glued on the Copic marker teddy cut outs with Matte Medium.

img_4961Adding More Teddies!

However, even with the fancy background, I felt the piece still looked dull.  The piece needed more Teddy cut outs or something to fill in the big gaps.  I then quickly drew two more teddies with the Copic markers and cut them out.   Adding some pretty origami paper shapes would be a cool idea, I thought, so I searched for some that would suit the artwork.  With the origami paper, I made some tiny teddy bear shapes using a craft punch.  I then glued everything around my work.  Now that’s much better!  Loving the intense colours of the teddies which really make them pop out.  Wow!

img_4973Once again, this was merely an experiment as much of my work entails.  I wanted to see what else can be done with my Copic markers when combining with other media.  Last time, I combined my work with watercolours and coloured pencil, and this time it’s with other types of ink.  And I do find it amazing the combinations I can come up with using Copic markers. The beauty of these markers is that they do produce strong vibrant colours which amazingly enhances the illustrations I create.  No wonder why they are so popular among professional illustration artists.  And who can blame them!  I’m getting the swing of it as well and will be looking forward to using this medium more, all for fun of course.

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