Night Bunnies

It all started again with leftover inks I had used for a previous painting. I had used pink Distress Oxide for a Gelli printing piece and thought it would be an idea to clean the brayer by rolling some on black paper and wiping the ink off the stencil on it. Thought it would be a cool background to draw on.

Snow Bunnies?

The background looks like a bit of a snow blizzard going on. But a mild one. Or it’s just snowing heavily in the evening. So what to draw? Christmas is over so that narrows down the choices. A snowman? Or how about snow bunnies? Since I did a painting about them already, why not do more? So I firstly sketched my drawing in white chalk pencil before tracing over them in acrylic markers. I used Amsterdam Acrylics and Molotow pens for this.

Pink Bunnies!

Now I wanted to fill these cute little bunnies in a bit more. In order to enhance the polka dots a bit more, I stamped some bubble wrap patterns in the larger bunny with distressed oxide. I then found a tin of Holbein coloured pencils in pastel shades which would be ideal for black paper. Pastel-shaded pencils are quite unusual and were difficult to find until I discovered Holbein Artist Color Pencils. They’re wonderful! I coloured in the two smaller bunnies in pastel pink and the moon in yellow. And the star? I used gold Pebeo Deco Marker. Finally, I dotted the border on the ground with white marker. And now, a simple but effective and kawaii drawing!

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