Golden Girl

Another mood for gelli printing again and experimenting with red shades. This time though I decided to opt for fluid acrylic paint instead of ink and for colour scheme use cooler tones of purple and pinks. I used previously warmer tones like orange and yellow so wanted to see what would happen when we go for the opposite direction. For subject I did have Little One in mind but was not sure how to fit it all in the scheme so why not try gold to give it some warmth?

Scarlet Fever

I started by rolling in some Staz-on Ink in Fuchsia Pink with a brayer then printed some Gelli art on top using a combination of red and violet fluid acrylic paint by Golden. I used a fork-like tool for the patterns. Turned out alright! The excess paint was further rolled around the paper and scraped using the tool. Once dry, I finger painted in some light pink and shimmery purple acrylic in random places and spread the drips out blowing with a straw. So far am happy!

Stamping Around

I added a layer of stamps on top of this background using a big flower rubber stamp and Staz-on ink in purple and red. Following that I took some bubble-wrap and stamped on some purple dots around, adding more where necessary as the painting progressed.

Peek a Boo!

I drew the outline of the Little One using gold acrylic marker pen but it was not enough for the shine to show through so I painted over it using heavy-body acrylic in Light Gold, even enhancing it more by mixing it with a bit of modeling paste. Both are by Golden. And now we’re talking!

Teddy Joins!

It took some experimenting with more inks and paint before I was satisfied. Along with the gold, I used a bit of yellow acrylic marker to enhance the gold further. I even added another flower stamp in areas I felt had empty spaces. The small teddy bear even joined at the last minute as I felt only having Little One in the painting would look lonely. Finishing touches with white Uni Posca pen for some doodles and the eyes. And now we’re good to go!

Hidden Treasures

Another painting that’s different from the usual again! Mind you, I enjoy doing something different to add variety to my work. I haven’t really done this graffiti look before, and I find it quite cool. At least the kawaii style is still there! And using gold, rather than say black, was a brilliant idea both figuratively and literally! It gives a hidden look whilst being clearly visible without looking over-the-top. Hence hidden treasures…

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