Red Hot

Ever noticed that much of  my work is quite “pink and blue”?  Not a bad thing of course because it’s my style but for someone who is adventurous and likes experimenting, I thought it would be an idea to be a bit more daring too.  Now that the winter and Xmas are on their way , I thought I’d experiment with darker shades like red and perhaps some warmer tones to keep us toasty.  So I took out some paper already brushed on with some leftover grey paint from a previous piece.   Then randomly began spritzing red, orange and yellow of  Dylusions in Spray with red as main.



After that, I blindly added some red and yellow acrylic inks, finding the florescent red quite enticing.  Blended and tapped the colours with my fingers, turning the paper around to let them drip.   Another break from paintbrushes!


And what now?  Well, I took a step back and tried to see what patterns and shapes I can find.  Seems like some fishy shapes and funny monsters too!  So I took some silver acrylic felt pen and started tracing away.  And with a yellow and red pen just started adding the details.  A bit of a frenzy of creatures but there is something also kawaii about it by drawing in the eyes and smily faces around.

IMG_4080It was quite a short and simple session that evening.  Just experimenting with what I could produce with the bursts of ink and more importantly dipping my feet in a relatively new shade of colour to see if I like it.   I do!   Although I’m more the “pink and blue” type, it is also a nice change.  You’ll definitely see more of my work in warmer shades especially now that the days are getting colder!

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