Teddy Bear Trilogy: Pretty Teddy

Final series in the Teddy Bear Trilogy!  I’ve been “recycling” my Teddy Bear shape paper template and finding ways to use it fully.  The first, Teddy Bear Trilogy: Brown Teddy, I used it as a die-cut shape.  Then in the second, Teddy Bear Trilogy: Golden Teddy, it was a stencil.  And now, I’m using the outline of the die-cut shape in a collage!


With a green oil pastel, I wrote “Teddy Bear Trilogy” on a piece of paper and then scraped layers of paint and brushed away drops of ink followed by some scribbles with yellow and light green oil pastel and then again with some paint and ink.


Glued on paper the template with matte medium along with some torn bits of origami paper and brushed some clear transparent gesso in the teddy bear shape and white gesso on the template to “hide” the borders. For the Teddy Bear, I blended some magenta and fluorescent pink paint and blended some gloss gel to full it in. For fun, I took a stick and carved in some tiny flower and heart patterns.

Then in the background I painted some hearts and flowers in magenta and in some flowers mixed the magenta with white to make light pink. I scraped some small circles on the paint the same way I did to the bear.

Once that was done, I painted the top two-thirds in cobalt blue and scumbled some white with it. The bottom two-thirds I painted a light yellow. Added some finishing touches by stamping some bubble wrap patterns in blue and pink and ink.

And now my pretty teddy! All of them are pretty of course but this one had the vivid colours. This time no eyes needed because I wanted to put the focus on the various colours and patterns I had created. And this concludes my Teddy Bear Trilogy, where I was able to discover and demonstrate cute ways to use and reuse paper templates instead of throwing it away after first use. Nothing goes to waste in my atelier, especially something as kawaii as a Teddy Bear shape!

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