Accidental Flowers

I call it Accidental Flowers because when I started painting and designing the background for another artwork, I was not sure about it anymore as it got too blue for the Polo Bunny painting I later ended up doing on another background. It’s a mixture of Ecoline ink, oil pastels and acrylic paint.  Rather than discarding it, I thought I’d make some use of it and decided some flowers instead would look perfect for this background!

IMG_1276 (1)First I drew the outlines in red aquarelle pencil which can be erased or painted over without leaving any graphite marks.  I then added a thin layer of gesso on the areas I wanted painted for a more opaque look.  Finally, I grabbed some neon acrylic paint, and blended it with some red or magenta, and painted away!  I mixed the paints with Gloss Medium.  Since the background was so vivid and colourful already I didn’t want to make the painting too busy.  I left the white areas as they were and chose not to add another layer on top.  Keep it short and simple!

IMG_1284 (1)

I really love this summer vibe.  Am definitely in the mood for some brightness and lots of flowers!!

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