Getting Fishy

Yesterday I wanted to draw something different. The warm weather got me in the ocean and sea mood so I decided, let’s draw some fish! Turns out that I drew a huge one and it looked quite nice on its own so I left it as just ONE pretty fish with nothing around it but the water.

I again went for some Ecoline liquid ink and bright-colored stamp ink. First the bright blue where I stamped the paper directly from the ink pad. Then some orange followed by random scribbles in yellow oil pastel. On top of that I added a few drops of red ink and swished it around. But I think I over did it so thought a few drops of green ink and stamping with bright pink ink pad might help…

I was still a bit doubtful but I nevertheless proceeded in drawing the big fish with a black marker. Also added details with grey ink as well as drawing in the eye. That red overkill was still bothering me!!! So what is the next step?

Do what most artists do as last resort. Shhhh so I gesso’d the background only! I did like the effect the ink mix had on the fish so left them as was. After letting the gesso to dry, I painted the background using a combination of bright blue and green for that jaded underwater colour. The paints were mixed with Gloss Gel medium for some sheen. Now I do like this! This time I decided not to add anything in the background as I normally would do. The colour of the background is too beautiful to do anything else, and the big fish doesn’t need to be outshined or distracted by other objects…

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