Bunny Girl

I was hoping to paint some portraits but I guess that didn’t happen. But never mind. I’ll just keep practising. Still, I’ve ended up still doing something different like making a bunny out of a cute little girl!

I also did something different for the backdrop. This time used ink. Took some yellow and applied a few drops on paper and spread it with a flat brush. Did the same for orange. Then tried to outline a head but it turned out a bit too small. Am not used to this lol. So a change of action…

So Little Girl will be dressed in a funky costume of green jumpsuit and bright pink bunny ears! Traced the outline with water soluble pencil and spread the colour with a wet brush. Then drew some patterns on the ears and outfit with oil pastels. For the hair, I prepped it with some modelling paste for some texture.

Started painting but discovered that the oil pastel patterns were not as visible as I had hoped 😦 Not to worry. I added some glass bead medium on the necklace for that jeweled effect. Then continued painting further. Added flowers in the background with blue paint and flower-shaped stamps in green ink. Finally embellished the ears with ink and heart-shaped cutouts.

I really like the effect of ink in the background, especially using more than one colour. Soft and light, yet vibrant and strong. And I have to say, always cool to end up with something unexpected!

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