Puppy Rides Pony Again!

After yesterday’s sketch of Dally the dog riding on trainee Pony, Spanky, I was itching to do a painting of it today.

Started off with scribbling “Dally and Spanky” with a permanent ink pen and then drawing a dog and horse in oil pastel.  Then adding a layer of purple paint over it and then drawing more horses and dogs in light blue and yellow oil pastel.  Then washed it all down with Gesso.

I drew with a water colour pencil my final layer of pony and dog on top and along the way glued on some wrapping tissue paper.  Filled in the subjects with acrylic paint whilst allowing transparency by mixing the paint with Matt Medium.  Dark beige for the horse and white for the doggy.


Painted the background with three shades of green but tried to keep the colour as bright as possible.  And I also wanted to retain some of the purple underneath so tried not to go too overboard.


For the horse’s mane, I applied some Coarse Modelling Paste first and then painted over it with red and yellow.  Then drew and filled in the eyes.  I love making my characters with cute anime eyes!  Then finished the painting with some ink like adding little dots on the feet as well as the horse’s tail and dog’s ears.  Had a pretty stressful day so painting this certainly made me happy again!

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