The heatwave in Holland just insists on staying. Although the skies have been clear and the sun shining everyday, the heat and humidity are just draining. Towards the end of the day, I really don’t want to do anything. Even painting a picture takes twice as long to do. So I got out my felt tip pens and boldly scrolled repeatedly, whilst making a few grammatical errors along the way lol because my brain is exhausted:


Following that I started scraping, with a palette knife, yellow acrylic paint mixed with Matte Medium, and pasted on some collage bits I tore out from a magazine because I liked the pattern.  It was a basket weave.  Then I applied a few drops of green ink and spread it out with a brush and then drew some scribbles with light blue oil pastel.  Repeated this process with some orange paint, some more collage bits, yellow ink and pink oil pastel.  The final layer was just scraping on fuchsia paint.  Looks cool as is is actually….

IMG_1040After blotting the work with a bit of gesso, I painted on top a sort of portrait of how lazy I’ve been feeling.  For the face only I made a separate painting using deli paper and water soluble crayons, cut it out and glued it on.  Then roughly painted the hair with a dry brush for the fluffy effect.

IMG_1042I thought I’d dress myself in a teal dress with a string of pearls.  Am sort of into adding pearl necklaces these days!  Then I decided some flowers and hearts around would be a brilliant idea so drew some in with black ink before adding a layer of violet shades on top for the background.  I experimented with some Coarse Moulding Paste on the hair to add some texture and added an extra layer of light brown on top.

IMG_1063Now we’re talking!!!  I love the bright violet background.  Added some finishing touches by doodling with some white ink and inside the hearts and flowers with some blue and green ink.  And this time I managed to do a better job in drawing portraits!  Always nice to do something different….

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